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Hotchilli Communications
- is a provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one of the UK's fastest growing and profitable companies. Offering both packaged solutions and traditional standalone services using both Internet and Telecom technologies, with clients ranging from SME to Corporate, resellers/affiliates to end users. The main core infrastructure is in Telehouse London and services offered include Server and Website hosting, broadband, leased lines, VOIP, traditional telecoms, IVR, SMS.

ISP Products

ADSL Broadband

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SDSL Broadband

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The Customer hereby agrees to:

1. Refrain from sending SPAM (unsolicited email messages) or knowingly or unknowingly allowing third parties to send SPAM through our network.
2. Refrain from transferring any illegal material to or from other users of the service or the PDN and the other privately owned and operated services to which the Company may from time to time provide access.
3. Refrain from sending menacing, offensive, abusive or annoying messages whilst using the service.
4. Not divulge their password to any third party and use all reasonable endeavours to keep the same confidential and inaccessible to third parties.
5. Keep the Company informed of any change to the Customer's address as set out overleaf and other such information as may effect the payment of charges due.
6. Immediately cease to use and return any Internet Addresses allocated by the Company to the Customer on termination of this Agreement.
7. Not to announce by any means any and all Internet addresses allocated to or by the Customer as part of an Autonomous System.
8. Not to use or permit the usage of the service in an unlawful manner or in contradiction of published legislation and regulations governing the Internet.
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